Install or make your own language pack

Make your own language pack or download which already made
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Install or make your own language pack

Berichtdoor Dave-Trayradio » zaterdag 15 oktober, 2016 12:05

Tray Radio has now a capability to support different languages.

Installing language module:
- Start Tray Radio
- Double click on the language pack
- Tray Radio displays a message that the language pack is installed.

Make your own language pack.
The Dutch (NL_Tray Radio.trl) and the English (UK_Tray Radio.trl) language pack are installed by default along with Tray Radio.
Copy the NL or UK language pack and open it with a plain text editor (eg. Notepad).
Translate the whole list and rename the language pack, place also the version number of Tray Radio where this pack is part of the file name, eg. "UK_Tray Radio (V12.1.0.0) .trl"
Upload it on the forum so that others can use this language pack.
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