Tray Radio Version

Tray Radio is a very nice radio and MP3 player with great potential.
softpedia Everything works with an icon in your systray. (icon at the bottom right next to your clock)

Key features:
  • DOWNLOAD TrayRadio by
  • Easy add radio stations
  • Set your own favorite stations
  • Record Radio stations
  • Play all Shoutcast stations
  • Automatic updating of stations
  • Equalizer
  • Playback MP3, M4a and WMA files
  • Jukebox option (full screen)
  • Lyrics
  • Multi user
  • Freeware
  • Commercial, virus, spyware and adware free!
  • ATTENTION: Download TrayRadio through!

  • As of September 1, 2024 I will no longer provide (technical) support! Registering new stations through me will also stop on that date! If you want new stations, you have to add them yourself. The and sites will continue to exist and the TrayRadio program can still be downloaded from However, one more update, V14.0.8.0 or V15.0.0.0 will be released this year. Make sure you delete your previous version first! Greetings, Ben.

Tray Radio is released by Bessel (Ben) van der Vliet