Tray Radio Version

Tray Radio is a very nice radio and MP3 player with great potential.
softpedia Everything works with an icon in your systray. (icon at the bottom right next to your clock)

Key features:
  • DOWNLOAD TrayRadio by
  • Easy add radio stations
  • Set your own favorite stations
  • Record Radio stations
  • Play all Shoutcast stations
  • Automatic updating of stations
  • Equalizer
  • Playback MP3, M4a and WMA files
  • Jukebox option (full screen)
  • Lyrics
  • Multi user
  • Freeware
  • Commercial, virus, spyware and adware free!
  • ATTENTION: Download TrayRadio through!

Tray Radio is released by Bessel (Ben) van der Vliet