Register new radio station

Do you have your own station and you want it also in Tray Radio, please sign up.
Sign up and use is free, the only requirement is that the station is broadcasting 24/7.
You can sign up by sending an e-mail to

The e-mail must contain:
  • The name of the station
  • In which Stream packet belongs this station
  • Radio streaming link (MP3, AAC+ or ASX formaat)
  • Website link
  • E-mailadres of the radio station
  • A logo of the station with the size 200x200 pixels in jpg format

E-mail will be considered only if it comes from the station itself and all information is complete.
With an emphasis on ALL information, the logo is regularly offered in wrong format and sizes.

Once a station has been registered and approved, he will be put on the list and is visible to everyone.